Liberte minha mente!
Sou só mais um demente.
Deixe eu ser diferente!


Oh, loneliness can you please, please
stop loving me?
You are too greedy

My world is falling from my hands
cause you are too needy...
and now i've lost some of my friends
making me go back to you again..
and.. again...


Although I say: I'm not waiting
I am
although I say: I hate you
I don't
although I say: go away
I meant: stay
Despite everything I've said
my thoughts hide the truth
because, baby, I'm a woman
filled with youth...


My love,

I've been tired lately,
tired of your mouth
im tired of your smile
im tired of your eyes
searching me

im tired of playing hide and seek
im tired of you and maybe me
im tired of  her
im tired of what we could have been
im just tired
tired of everything.


Você e eu

Você queria ir
e eu vir.
Separados pelo tempo
rimos do momento.
Que desalento.