Ai ai, esta saudade no peito.
Sai deste corpo que não lhe pertence mais.

Eu deito na cama e choro.
Por que sem você aqui eu não sorrio.
Eu não tenho mais paz.

Pior que eu já não tenho mais fio
pra costurar meu coração,
que já sentiu tanta dor.

Admito até
que o mundo
perdeu um pouco da sua cor.



love is beautiful
love is kind
love will blow your mind.
What can i say?
They were so in love
But history was clear
She was descendant of Jews
While he an Italian who's father fought in the great war.
Need more to say?
Well, love is beautiful
love is kind
love gave them 3 blind minds
As time went by
He mistreated her
Tortured her
Until she had nothing left,
He left all of them
With nothing but hunger
In the stomach


i cry
'cause day by day
i change
but you're not
here to see
or know
the new me.
I kinda
of miss you,



Wild eyes
caught me in the middle of the night.
She's a bit lost on the outside
and bit cold on the inside.

I don't know what to do,
so i took off my coat
and put it on her
suddenly i forgot
that i were a fool.



i lied to my self
i knew he wasn't the exception
i knew he would torn me apart
i knew i shouldn't had given him my heart
But if i didn't lied to my mind
i wouldn't know
this part of life
It's great to be in love.


Ele é poeta
Ela artista
Se conheciam
Só não de vista