One, two, three
what should I be?
I don't know
how to choose
This or that
I'm just a fool
trying to be real

What do you love?
Who do you love?
Everything isn't good enough
Think quickly
and don't be silly
You can't say
Happyness is what I seek

You must do something.
I do, I live.
Everybody does.
So why dont you?!


His hair was so curly
His specs so big
That I didn't even realise
How wide open
my mouth was
As he passed me by
Just like a breeze
In a winter's night

The boy of my dreams



We won't be apart
That's what you promised me
Our hearts are bound together
That what I said
Those were our beliefs
You and me

We were kids back then
No sorrow, no pain, no fear
Our feelings were sincere
We had too much time to spend
Nothing could end...

But now I can understand
That I'm still naive
To still believe
That you'll hold my hand
Even now that you are far away
Getting further and further each day ...


I won't belive you next time
so no need to call
no need to say you will
'cause you dont care how I feel

No need to say you'll hang around
'cause now
I've got my feet on the ground
Dont give me that bullshit
"you're important to me"

And now i see,
you only care about yourself
You're too scared to be on your own
so just leave me alone.
I'm better without you in my life



Naquela noite eu chorava.
Você me ligou, inesperadamente.
Fingi que estava sonolenta quando atendi o telefone.
Segurei meu choro ao máximo.
Não queria me dedurar.
Não a você.
Que estava com a voz tão sadia e feliz.
Feliz por mim.
Que estava doida para desligar o telefone.
Quando no final disse o inesperado.
E era exatamente isso que eu precisava escutar.



you made me cry yesterday
You made me cry today
But the things you've said
made me think in a different way


If things aren't working out
Breathe in breathe out.

It will stop,