Confessions of a Bird

That bird
broke my wings
so I would
no longer fly.

That bird
expected me
to cry
about foolish things

But right now
I've step out
and said:
breath in
breath out
you know
I'll manage it some how

Later on
the wound has healed
'cause life goes on
and time won't stop
no matter how you feel

So this bird
made it thought it all
learned how to fall and
fly, fly
really high


when i saw it
i skip a beat
i forgot to breath
and said: Oh shit


ela perdeu o medo
e disse:
"eu te amo"
para outro ser humano


Butterfly fly

its not easy
to be a butterfly
when everybody you love
is a bee

lost sight
of what was wrong
and right

so now
she cries
and smile
at the same time

is this life?
it might
it might


O moço da praça
me achou uma graça
por ter falado
com uma pomba.
Mal sabe ele
que peço desculpa
quando esbarro
nas coisas
da vida.


Nosso amor começou
Numa terça à noite,
Na rua.
E terminou
Num domingo de manhã,
Eu nua.

Achei que era só sua..



Tem um mundo tão grande lá fora
e eu aqui...
perdendo tempo
da minha bolha
até me matar afogada.
Hoje eu morro
pra amanhã renascer
e ver o sol.


I wanted to be
by your side

oh my my..

it's too late
someone else
has taken my place

You have no idea
how much
it hurts
not being able
to feel your touch

All i can say
to you
it's to stay



I hate myself
for believing in all the words
you've said.

The truth
came out
And I regret every single
I've heard.

But, oh boy,
you are too young
to realize
what you've done.


svegliati è primavera

Lately you haven't been around...
But the worst part is
That i no longer
Remember your sound

Are you still there?
Or is this just a nightmare?

Will you come back?


Roberto Bolaño

I fell in love with a poet
That's why i cry
But the worst part
is that he no longer writes

But he lives in my dreams
He keeps me company at night
So that's why i smile



How is the best way to die?
the perfect way,
my darling.

and how do i do that?
what do you love?
what do you hate?
it has to be the same thing
and when they do
ooh, no
just loose it
let it go
and suddenly
you live
you die

it's just too beautiful
to be seen in this world

so kill it, girl
and be free
be free.


Esconde esconde

Todo dia ela acorda as 6am pra ir dar aula. Mas antes arruma a mesa do café da manhã. Embora coma sozinha. Seu amado dorme no quarto ao lado. Ele é escritor. Casal simples esse. Como se encontraram? Bem, ele gosta de escrever e ela de ler.

Todo dia ela chega em casa feliz. Tenta descobrir onde o marido comeu, em qual cômodo, em qual lugar sentou. Era uma brincadeira de amor entre eles.

Hoje, ele decidiu sentar a mesa e comer. Ficou ansioso pela chegada de sua amada. Ela nunca iria desconfiar que ele, justo ele, teria sentado a mesa e comido.

Horas se passaram e ela não chegava.
Na verdade, ela nunca chegou.



i miss you
like the sun misses
the night

like the moon misses
the earth

i whine
like the sound of the wind
blowing in my window

every thing makes me feel
like i'm a widow

but baby
just come back
it's been a long day

you know that
the rainbow
needs the sun and the rain
to be together
or else it
can't show

so please
sit beside me
my sunshine,
my best friend.



Time stopped,
but the sound of buttons falling everywhere
where still on my mind.
I was uneasy,
until I saw what was beneath.
It took my breath away
and suddenly I was fine.

I need no love
nor sweet words
much less promises.

Just this
and, oh,
I've missed it.



Twenty Two
I've felt life
Kiss my forehead
While I played the fool

Twenty two
I've died
And lived
at the same time

Twenty two
I've turn out tonight
But that ain't good
'cause we had a fight
about how we were true

Twenty two
Will it ever end?
When will it trully began?



Tonight I wish you would stay,
just a little bit longer,
not forever though.

´Cause I would be sick
to see your face everyday

But ain´t that love and hate?
Maybe it´s fate
playing a trick
on me



Baby, I still want you back.
I wanna get home
and see you in my bed.
Saying: don't leave me alone.

But that's not real life.
I've left with no regrets,
And that was for the best.
But I won't lie,
I still dream of you,
just not every night.

When will we grow?
When will the scars show
what we've lost...


You made me feel like a little girl
Who trust beautiful words
But you made me realize
That’s not how the world works
And that’s fine
‘Cause now I've become a woman


Fuck this shit
Maybe it wasn't meant to be
I mean you and me.

I'm just too tired
to make things fit
So fuck it