little child

Oh, little child,
Little child
Dont you cry
There's no need
To feel
Oh no, no more

Cant you ignore?
The bad things that you feel
Stop the fear!
Say: Oh no, no more
To the tears
That overflow

And beware
Of the sadness that you hold
Oh no, no more
No more rain
In our sky
So dont you cry
Little child
Little child
Dont you dare cry

endure, love

I know you can remember
the day
we've met.

So i'm sure
you can endure
the pain, love.
But, please
don't call me again.

Oh nothing
nothing will change,
and the past
shall stay the same.

I know you can remember
when i said:
no more, no more.
And left.


E quem sabe,
amanhã o sol será de verdade?
E quem sabe,
hoje tem maldade?
E quem sabe,
quem sabe,
quem sabe..
eu ainda não te mato de saudade?



O tempo passa
E a flor desabrocha.
Mas o que fazer com o vento?
Este sente tanto lamento
por tirar lhe as pétalas
e dar sofrimento.
Quando na verdade
só queria tocá-la.


another good day

another raining day
and you're still by my side

you hug me tight
'cause i'm afraid of the thunder
i shall stay under your spell
so everything feels right

The sun has rised
I'm felling well
but i still need you to be mine...
my valentine


Oh Thomy,
dear Thomy..
Such a good boy... uhum
But his mother scream
Really loud at him...
While he feels joy

He found love
At the right time.
Just when he thought
Thing weren't right...
Oh boy

He felt such a joy
To be in the same world
As his perfect little girl...


Don't Jump, Honey

Oh honey, don't.
don't do that...
I'm sorry
Oh, so sorry honey
But I
I'm gonna leave
you behind
While you watch my back

And I know, I know, I know..
One day
We might meet again... uhum
So until then, honey
I say my Goodbye.