M. K.

It's been a long day,
a long week,
a long year,
my dear.

I just want you to know
that I will always love you,
even now
that I'm leaving

I hope one day
you will understand
what I'm feeling.

I want to live my life,
It's been a long day
a long week,
a long year,
a long relationship,
my dear.

Bye now,
this is it,
the end.



She has a little bubble
where she lives.
No one can enter
no one can leave
But believe
she's struggling
to change
to live.
To see a brand new world,
she's no longer a little girl.



O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista era uma madrugada qualquer.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista mudou muita coisa na nossa relação, ficou mais sincera.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista o olho dele ficou mais vermelho que qualquer droga.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista foi quando ele me abraçou muito forte e me deu muitos beijos na testa, enquanto chorava desesperadamente por mim.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista ele pediu desculpas incessantemente, não sei bem se foi pelo mundo machista, se por ele só ter mudado no dia ou se foi pelo que sofri na mão da sociedade machista patriarcal.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista ele percebeu que um ser que ele ama e que é tão boazinha se fodeu só por ser mulher.

O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista eu falei: agora você entende que quando digo que só vou dançar na balada eu realmente só quero fazer isso.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista ele entendeu que a roupa não pede absolutamente nada.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista meu mundo ficou um pouco mais leve.
O dia em que meu irmão virou feminista eu fiz a diferença no mundo dele.


The last one

I've never asked nothing
except that time when I needed a hug..

but today
I need to talk
can you walk by my side?
I fell in love
but it hurts more than
I've ever felt
in my guts.

Is this love?
Is this really love?



I had a bad day.
I'm feeling blue.
And I still
can't say
out loud
that in the end of my day
you're all
that I think about.



Ela ficou muito tempo em cima do muro,
até que tomou coragem e pulou.
Porque o menino do outro lado
disse que iria segurá-la.

Mal sabia ela
que mesmo assim
se machucaria.



She's the type of girl
who will fuck up
your entire world.

She's a perfect angel,
but leave a path
of hell and fire
wherever she pass by

She's a little madness
of me myself and I

She' the one
who broke
my heart
and said:
I told you so.
with a tiny cry...


Good night

He's my nightmare
makes me feel secure
and lost
at the same time.
But i always say
i'm fine
i'm fine
with tears in my eyes.



She's trouble
I can sense
her eyes upon me
she can see everything
And I'm not bulletproof

I feel naked
whenever I'm caught by her eyes

I can't face her
She will break me
She's trouble
a lot of trouble



He's the type
who's always right,
never mistaken,
the perfect son,
taken by madness
to raise.

So one day
during a big fight
he decided that it
had to be the way he wanted
but the pain
oh the denial
was to great

so she left
in a warm night
with no trace
nor grace.


Not today

You were to busy
to see
how amazing
I have always

Even today
when you say:
Not today, darling.

Look twice

He told me to leave
'cause he doesn't need
a love...

but what he can't see
is that his eyes
were shining


He think he knows
my future
based on his past
and now
i can't enjoy the moment.



He's gonna hurt me
in a way none
has ever done

And I don't know why
but I still want more.
Even with tears
in my eye.



the moment I saw him
I thought: oh shit.

This is it.
This is the type you run, darling.
'cause we say: not today,
not again.
Not for love.



It was just another afternoon
we were together,
but the end was soon
'cause the love was already gone.

Still you wanted to try one more time.
I said it was hurting
you stopped to listen,
but choose to ignore
and still
hurt me
even more.



He doesn't know
how he feels,
but says
I'm the worst person
to give directions

Well, his actions...
Oh boy...
He always touches my hair
Knows when I change my perfume
and smile whenever I smile

But still
he doesn't know
how he feels.



don't you know?
I can't go.

There's a big fight
and I.

But don't you worry
I'm feeling


You have no idea
how hard
it is
To live in fear
To be torn apart
To be an

To live in a world
where it's a sin
to be a girl and
a fighter
at the same


And what about
this ocean
full of emotions
That you have for me?

Can´t you see
That i no longer
All this emotions
you and me.


I´m screaming out your name
in the middle of the night,
'cause i'm afraid that
you don´t feel the same.
am i right?

How can your touch
be so hot?
how can i yearn so much?
for something
that i've haven't got?

Have i forgot?
how hard
my heart
was supposed to be.
Or maybe not.


if only

Oh dad
if only you could see me now
would you be proud
of the man
I have become?

this gap
between you and me
will it ever have an end?
if only we could see each other again...

Oh dad
If only you could see me now
If only you could see me now
If only you could be my friend
Oh dad


He said I can't go out
not like that
not with the clothes I've got
'Cause I not allowed to be hot.



She doesn't know
how big
this world is
She think too much
fells to little
But what can i say
she got guts
like a feeble night



Oh amor, 
você não está compreendendo,
nem me etendendo.
Hoje é uma virgula
para amanhã
não ser um ponto final.
Isso é por que
eu não quero o teu mal.



my heart aches
i cry
i know the reason why

life is not as simple as my mind
i have to be here
i can't leave
even though
that's all i need
all i think

but one day
i'll break these chains,
tattoo my scars,
change the concept of pain
and become a star
in the sky



Girl listen to yourself!
I'm telling you
he's up to no good.
It won't be the first time.
I'm telling you
he's already been like that
oh my my

He'll take your heart
in his hand
without thinking twice.
He's got a diabolic plan
you know he has.
So listen to my advice
and run while you can.

oh my my
History is bound to repeat.
Girl, why can't you see?
Listen to the words
that come out of my mouth:
he's up to no good,
no good.



She's an angel
who's smile
can make my heart
skip a beat

She's the type
who's always right.
The bravest warrior
i've ever seen in a fight.
There's no stopping this girl,
she will conquer my world.


How many sleepless nights
must i have
you leave
my head?

Time is passing by
and i mean to
be in control
of my mind.



Ai ai, esta saudade no peito.
Sai deste corpo que não lhe pertence mais.

Eu deito na cama e choro.
Por que sem você aqui eu não sorrio.
Eu não tenho mais paz.

Pior que eu já não tenho mais fio
pra costurar meu coração,
que já sentiu tanta dor.

Admito até
que o mundo
perdeu um pouco da sua cor.



love is beautiful
love is kind
love will blow your mind.
What can i say?
They were so in love
But history was clear
She was descendant of Jews
While he an Italian who's father fought in the great war.
Need more to say?
Well, love is beautiful
love is kind
love gave them 3 blind minds
As time went by
He mistreated her
Tortured her
Until she had nothing left,
He left all of them
With nothing but hunger
In the stomach


i cry
'cause day by day
i change
but you're not
here to see
or know
the new me.
I kinda
of miss you,



Wild eyes
caught me in the middle of the night.
She's a bit lost on the outside
and bit cold on the inside.

I don't know what to do,
so i took off my coat
and put it on her
suddenly i forgot
that i were a fool.



i lied to my self
i knew he wasn't the exception
i knew he would torn me apart
i knew i shouldn't had given him my heart
But if i didn't lied to my mind
i wouldn't know
this part of life
It's great to be in love.


Ele é poeta
Ela artista
Se conheciam
Só não de vista


You popped out
of nowhere
just to ask
if I could love you one more time
but truth be told
you wanted one more night
to cause me more pain
to make me feel everything
all over again

Hey baby don't you know
I have a heart too
that had glowed,
like a fool,
just for you


Blood and love

People don't know,
since we don't resemble one another,
but we are sister.

You see
the only thing we have in common
is the blood
and the love
for each


B. Girl

Today is the day
i say
no more pain
no more war

Today is the day
i say
fuck it all
i'm done
with this wall

Today is the day
i say
"I'm gonna do
all those stuff
I'm not supposed to"

Today is the day
i say
I'm free

So breathe in
breathe out
peace usually
don't last too long


Moon & star

oh girl,
you have no ideia
how much it hurts
to see your back
as you walk away

The sky
turn out to be
after you left
'cause girl
the sun followed your soul


one, two, three...

he doesn't know
but i count
my fingers
to know
when he'll leave
but please
when i say
i love you
you are family


Não cutuque a ferida

Ela chora por cicatrizes passadas
em seus sonhos retorna àquele momento de
dor, choro, frustração
Ela acorda suada no meio da madrugada
se abraça e chora
um choro baixinho
pra ninguém escutar.


Um sorriso para o chão

o ônibus parou
olhei pela janela
era noite
uma noite fresca de verão
vi uma travesti andando
ela era bonita
entao sorri
mas ela só olhava para o chão
enquanto caminhava rápido...


A Wall to Civilization

Sorry dear,
but i won't call

cause i've built a few walls
around me
so i could de free

but now
i've build one
so tall
that there's no light
here it's always night

i feel small
but i'm safe and sound
in this ground,
between  these walls...


I've never told her
cause I don't want to disturb

but some nights
I think how hard it is
to sleep without
her warmth

then I cry
a little bit
cause I miss you,