You popped out
of nowhere
just to ask
if I could love you one more time
but truth be told
you wanted one more night
to cause me more pain
to make me feel everything
all over again

Hey baby don't you know
I have a heart too
that had glowed,
like a fool,
just for you


Blood and love

People don't know,
since we don't resemble one another,
but we are sister.

You see
the only thing we have in common
is the blood
and the love
for each


B. Girl

Today is the day
i say
no more pain
no more war

Today is the day
i say
fuck it all
i'm done
with this wall

Today is the day
i say
"I'm gonna do
all those stuff
I'm not supposed to"

Today is the day
i say
I'm free

So breathe in
breathe out
peace usually
don't last too long


Moon & star

oh girl,
you have no ideia
how much it hurts
to see your back
as you walk away

The sky
turn out to be
after you left
'cause girl
the sun followed your soul