She's yelling..
Yelling at the door
I can't take it anymore

Please, stop this pain
Please, don't ignore
me again
Oh, don't tore
my heart apart...


Daddy's little girl

Daddy's little girl
When away from home
Found a strange path
And never came back

Took all her belongings
All on her backpack
Said nothing
of where she was going,

Too bad
We've never found her track
'Cause her dad?
Was found dead


when I was small
I wanted to be huge
but then
I've grown up

now I'm tall
and I can't forget
the mind of the child
that I've once met

I took many falls
and regret none at all
I can still smile
but not like before

I wish I could still see
once more
that little kid
with the promise
to change the world
to be free
with me