i miss you
like the sun misses
the night

like the moon misses
the earth

i whine
like the sound of the wind
blowing in my window

every thing makes me feel
like i'm a widow

but baby
just come back
it's been a long day

you know that
the rainbow
needs the sun and the rain
to be together
or else it
can't show

so please
sit beside me
my sunshine,
my best friend.



Time stopped,
but the sound of buttons falling everywhere
where still on my mind.
I was uneasy,
until I saw what was beneath.
It took my breath away
and suddenly I was fine.

I need no love
nor sweet words
much less promises.

Just this
and, oh,
I've missed it.



Twenty Two
I've felt life
Kiss my forehead
While I played the fool

Twenty two
I've died
And lived
at the same time

Twenty two
I've turn out tonight
But that ain't good
'cause we had a fight
about how we were true

Twenty two
Will it ever end?
When will it trully began?