Oh amor, 
você não está compreendendo,
nem me etendendo.
Hoje é uma virgula
para amanhã
não ser um ponto final.
Isso é por que
eu não quero o teu mal.



my heart aches
i cry
i know the reason why

life is not as simple as my mind
i have to be here
i can't leave
even though
that's all i need
all i think

but one day
i'll break these chains,
tattoo my scars,
change the concept of pain
and become a star
in the sky



Girl listen to yourself!
I'm telling you
he's up to no good.
It won't be the first time.
I'm telling you
he's already been like that
oh my my

He'll take your heart
in his hand
without thinking twice.
He's got a diabolic plan
you know he has.
So listen to my advice
and run while you can.

oh my my
History is bound to repeat.
Girl, why can't you see?
Listen to the words
that come out of my mouth:
he's up to no good,
no good.



She's an angel
who's smile
can make my heart
skip a beat

She's the type
who's always right.
The bravest warrior
i've ever seen in a fight.
There's no stopping this girl,
she will conquer my world.


How many sleepless nights
must i have
you leave
my head?

Time is passing by
and i mean to
be in control
of my mind.